fiverr sellerrankingFirst, it is good to be back!

We took a bit longer of a vacation that originally planned.  Not sure it was deserved, but it was certainly fun!

Due to our traveling, a couple of things came up that I thought were worth talking about over the next few weeks.  The first had to do with Fiverr and deadlines.  Let’s knock that one off since it is a simple resolution.

One Way to Keep Your Seller Rating High on Fiverr

If you’re trying to make more money on Fiverr, it’s important that you keep your Seller Rating high- right, we all  know that.   When buyers check out the gigs available, they’ll always see if they can find a person with a great Seller Rating and lots of positive feedback.

But there are times when your seller rating can be affected negatively without you even doing anything wrong. If a customer orders a gig from you and you’re going to miss the delivery deadline time, your Seller Rating will take a negative hit with a big Thumbs Down. This is still true even if the buyer leaves brilliantly positive feedback. The buyer often does not insist on the deadline and through communication expects the delay.  However, the Seller Rating is all about you delivering your gig on time per your agreement. (more…)

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