Welcome! I’d like to welcome you to our little slice of the internet. I’m a marketing and business consultant from Boca Raton, Florida. I work with businesses and help them to define, design, develop and deploy successful web based and marketing strategies along with the more traditional business consulting activities.

The effects of a difficult economy are being felt worldwide.  As a “big” business executive you begin to focus on protect strategies.  As an individual……an internet based business offering residual income makes sense. We as full or part-time internet marketers need to ensure we have a recession proof marketing strategy in place.

Just because it is a difficult economy does not mean that it is a bad time to make an income online with an internet based business. Actually, it is a great time!

In order to respond to the new situation, it is just a matter of altering course and mapping out a recession marketing strategy.


Resistant to Change

The Internet is constantly evolving. One of the biggest online marketing mistakes you could make is to assume that the way it is today is the way it is always going to be. Technological advances change the way the Internet works and people change the how and why they use it. Sites that are static and set in their ways will only get downgraded by the more agile and savvy companies. Be aware and flexible.

Services and Work

We are engaged in both Corporate and Entrepreneurial assignments.

Our Corporate work– well it is pretty much from A-Z.  Organizational Restructuring; Financial & Business Modeling; Turnaround Management; Turnaround Management; Brand Development; Sales Strategies; Business Development– you get the idea.

Our Entrepreneurial work– it all started with Web-design, Training, Social Media, Content Development, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Blog Consulting.  That evolved into over 60 publications, a Blog focused on Internet Marketing and a Website that gives away most of it for free

Some of our favorite things….

Digital Marketing Strategies

Our team fusses over developing a digital marketing strategy that meets your goals, but is within your budget.

Social Media

BIG BRAND STRATEGIES for small business

Two forces are at play in social media today. One: the majority of consumers will search for your company online before doing business with you. Two: Small business owners are too busy to be social media savvy and can lack the resources to keep up on the social scene. Having a social media consultant can help you come out ahead, while protecting your brand reputation.

Content Marketing

“Content marketing is owning – as opposed to contracting for– media.”

Different than advertising or branding, it is a marketing process to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and sharing useful information in order to change or enhance a consumer behavior.

Website Design & Development

There are thousands of ways to build a website and only a handful of them actually work. A successful website incorporates several strategies all working together simultaneously to drive traffic and convert visitors into customers.

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