About Us

We Are…

A Digital Agency

Today, small businesses compete with the big dogs by having a comprehensive, cohesive digital marketing strategy behind their websites. In fact, the right digital marketing strategy levels the playing field between you and your larger competitors.

Forward Thinking

The opposite of “backwards thinking”.

Problem Solvers

With so many roads to take on the digital marketing highway, it’s important to have a guide to lead your small business down the right, most effective path. It’s not the same for every business. One digital marketing strategy does not fit all.  Whether it is marketing, sales, operations, or brand– we approach it as a problem/opportunity that is unique.

Social Media Supporters

The trick is finding a social media consultant who doesn’t just claim to be an expert, but also has the background and knowledge to prove it. That’s where we come in with the knowledge, expertise and tools to create a social media campaign that’s right for your business.

Our Story

Our founder is a corporate guy…you know private and public CEO type stuff.  Although he is really an entrepreneur– well, he claims they are actually the same.  He believes that fundamentals are identical…they are just scalable.

So we cater to the restructure, turn-around, strategic change type client.  But, we love the internet and the opportunities it provides for a second or residual income.  Sounds like we are all things to all people, but that’s not the case.

We take on a select number of clients.  We work hard for them and we invest time in mapping out their business goals. Using those goals as our GPS to assure we stay on track and deliver.

On the other hand, we provide tools (a lot of it free) for the Internet marketer. 

That’s how we serve two masters.

It seems to us that Who We Are is because of What We Choose.

That’s not to say we all can just “choose” to be awesome. Rather it’s to say that our choices—good and bad—define us. Therefore, we choose carefully and hope you do too.


What excites us…

  • Brand Strategy 90%
  • Internet Marketing 85%
  • Strategy Development 78.5%
  • Customer Relationship 100%
  • Corporate Restructures (we’re good at them, just time consuming) 65%
  • Logo and Design 72.5%
  • Meetings just because they are on the schedule 12.75%
  • Publish eBooks on Internet Marketing 88%
  • Content Development 84%
  • Most Everything we do 98%

Core Competencies


Visionary Strategies

Executive Leadership

IT Initiatives

Business Development

Strategic Alliances

Organizational Restructuring

Hiring, Training & Coaching

Operating Policies & Procedures

Sales Strategies

National / Regional Sales

Sales Incentive Programs

Vendor Management

Product Development & Diversification

Strategic Business Planning

Channel Management

Revenue Growth

Brand Development

Corporate Identity

Communications & Collateral

Strategic & Tactical Marketing

Website Development

Top-Line / Bottom-Line Growth

Budgeting, Planning, Expense Control

P/L Management

Capital Market

Financial & Business Modeling

Positioning and Exit Strategies

Organizational Change Management

Operations Management

Turnaround Management


Sales and Marketing


Exceptional sales and marketing experience building global market presence, outperforming competition and delivering consistently strong revenue and profit growth. Senior sales and marketing leader that has cultivated highly polished consultative selling, client relationship and presentation skills to persuasively communicate ideas, concepts, product and corporate capabilities at all levels that enhanced corporate creditability, and increased market penetration.

With a robust background in all facets of business have significantly elevated organizational performance by consistently fostered empowering cultures and encouraged creative solutions.


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