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content[1]Content Development and Strategy

Creating A Vibrant Online Presence and Optimize your ROI Unique, high quality content satisfies both your prospective clients and the search engines, so content development has a critical role to play in any holistic Internet marketing plan. It’s a well known fact that on the web, content is King. Thus, developing high-quality content via a content development strategy is critical for improving ROI. This is because a successful content development strategy enables you to achieve improved online marketing and sales activities through three beneficial components:Provides your website visitors with the information they need
Enables your firm to become “the authority” for relevant topics
Acts as a link-magnet, benefiting SEO and link-building efforts
Web content development involves researching, writing, producing, and editing information published on web sites. It is the creation of prose, images, audio recordings, videos, eBooks, or any other digital asset distributed and viewed through a web browser.

We will partner with you to create:

      •  web pages and blogs
      • online articles and newsletters
      • press releases
      • white papers and reports
      • eBooks
      • videos and online presentations
      • podcasts and web conferences

Our company takes content development for your business or blog to the next level by writing quality content emphasizing the following competencies in our writing style and professionalism:

Relevancy – the content we write for your business is relevant to your target market and the business area in which you specialize.
Unique – all writing services provided to you present a unique message that is not copied in any manner from your competition or other sources and is completely unique.
Creative – an outside the box creative approach is taken to differentiate your business to stick out from the competition.
Professional – the information provided to be posted live on your website or other source is professional in that you sound like you know what you are talking about and you know your industry.

Whether you own a website or blog for purposes of business or other professional reasons, you know that the quality of the content on your website or blog is very important to your business and professional success. The quality of the wording presented to your reader including the marketing message and the explanation of your services or products has a direct impact on whether a customer will decide to buy your product or services, bookmark your blog, or bother to continue even viewing what you are presenting.

Optimized Copy Writing and Approach

Search Engine Optimized Copy Writing is estimated that up to 80% of what determines your sites’ position on a search engine results page comes from off-page elements (the quality and number of inbound links, age of domain, etc.). If this is true, then why is SEO copy writing so important for your web site?The purpose of your site is to convert the traffic that it receives. Traffic comes from a variety of sources in addition to search engines: social media, newsletters, inbound links, pay-per-click advertising, off-line marketing, word of mouth, etc.

Conversion means different things on different sites, but all content needs to have a clear call to action. Even if your web site never sees any traffic from a search engine, it is critical that it is written and presented in a way that resonates with people in your niche market regardless of how they get there. Clear on-page optimization and strong, well-researched SEO copy writing leads to a higher conversion rate. Traffic alone has no value if your web site fails to convert it.

Content Development Approach

We provide you with strategic and tactical content development incorporated into our holistic approach to optimizing your online efforts and improving your ROI. Our content experts, part of our SEO and earned media team, use a 5 step approach to identify and create your content:

1.    Incorporate your key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals as our metrics for success

2.    Identify and document your existing content effectiveness via SWOT analysis

3.    Construct a content strategy & tactics designed to achieve your KPIs

4.    Write, produce and edit high-quality content including text, images, video, webcasts, and more

5.    Measure and report on content performance in relation to KPIs

Obviously, this takes effort, but it is the only way to truly plan, execute and optimize your content. And in addition to the above, our content development experts are trained in optimizing content to not only provide information, but to always include calls to action. After all, quality content is more than just information, it is the primary tool to influence your visitors to become buyers.

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