fiverr sellerrankingFirst, it is good to be back!

We took a bit longer of a vacation that originally planned.  Not sure it was deserved, but it was certainly fun!

Due to our traveling, a couple of things came up that I thought were worth talking about over the next few weeks.  The first had to do with Fiverr and deadlines.  Let’s knock that one off since it is a simple resolution.

One Way to Keep Your Seller Rating High on Fiverr

If you’re trying to make more money on Fiverr, it’s important that you keep your Seller Rating high- right, we all  know that.   When buyers check out the gigs available, they’ll always see if they can find a person with a great Seller Rating and lots of positive feedback.

But there are times when your seller rating can be affected negatively without you even doing anything wrong. If a customer orders a gig from you and you’re going to miss the delivery deadline time, your Seller Rating will take a negative hit with a big Thumbs Down. This is still true even if the buyer leaves brilliantly positive feedback. The buyer often does not insist on the deadline and through communication expects the delay.  However, the Seller Rating is all about you delivering your gig on time per your agreement.

There are ways you can avoid this happening if you know you’re going to be a little late on delivery.

Use the Cancellation Request Button

If you know that your gig delivery will be later than the agreed time-frame, contact the buyer immediately. Let the buyer know what happened and explain to them that they are able to cancel the order at their end. They simply need to hit the Cancellation Request Button in their account.

If the buyer does this, you don’t get the big Thumbs Down negative rating on your Seller Rating, so you’re not affected. The buyer can re-order the same gig again immediately and you can then deliver whatever you agreed on within the normal time frame, or even sooner if you were already close to completing it.

Won’t Customers Think It Looks Bad?

Before you start worrying about whether the customer will view you badly or not for asking them to use the cancellation request button, think about this. If you had a power outage that lasted for a couple of hours and you physically weren’t able to complete your gig on time, you don’t want to have your Fiverr Seller Rating hit for something outside of your control.  Maybe not a great example, but you get the idea.  Sometimes the build in deadline just does not work for you.

By contacting the customer directly and letting them know what’s up, you’re leaving the decision up to them. It’s their call whether they want to cancel or not. They don’t have to, but it certainly helps you if they do.  Also, keep in mind that Fiverr would prefer a mutual cancellation agreement over a negative feedback. It makes you and Fiverr look better.

Summary- This cancellation request button is useful for three reasons:

  • It gives you a way to get out of gigs that would take up too much time.
  • It makes you look good to the buyer – you’re leaving the decision up to him.
  • And it puts everything in writing, right there where Fiverr can see what happened

Still hesitant…don’t be. You can encourage your buyer politely in your contact message by saying they can amend or change the order if they want to continue with the order. This increases the likelihood of them using this option and keeps your Seller Rating as high as possible at the same time.
If you are new to Fiverr I would suggest this free report Fiverr InstaCash and you could have your first Fiverr Gig up and running today. Remember, making money with Fiverr can be really easy, but you will need to work on keeping your Seller Ranking high!



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