Why Nobody Likes Your (Written) Blog

Why Nobody Likes Your Blog As is evidenced by the massive amount of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, Internet users have become more engaged by video than ever before. And while YouTube was launched in 2004, it did not explode in popularity until some...

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Short cuts….short sighted.

As people search the internet to find the answer to "how can I start my own internet business” the answer they find numerous times are "get rich quick" schemes. Often the new internet marketer sees an ad, buys a product, takes a few steps and finds discouragement....

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A Powerful Way RSS Helps You Stay Ahead Of Competition

  One of the biggest concerns most marketers have is staying ahead of competition. Using RSS feeds to engage and program your readers as well as interact with them on a regular basis, is a great way to stay way ahead of the curve of your competition. Why does this...

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Habits form futures….

Thanksgiving is an emotional time. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then sometimes discover once a year is way too often!  Well, that is not the case for our family, quite the contrary we often have to share our...

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What makes Great Copy?

Copywriting is the practice of writing copy for the purpose of selling or marketing a product, business, or idea. "Copy" is the word used for any written or verbal set of words used to sell something. Great copy is more than just a sales pitch. It might tell a story...

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10 Types of Social Media Posts That Drive Engagement

10 Types of Social Media Posts That Drive Engagement - and leads! Posted by Michael Auer If generating leads is the primary objective of social media marketing, engagement is the driving force behind doing so.  Each post represents an opportunity to drive visitors to...

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What exactly is content marketing?

What exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is a term used to describe everything that involves direct human-to-human contact for the purpose of creating and sharing content to eventually encourage purchases by current or future client bases. Content...

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