One of the biggest concerns most marketers have is staying ahead of competition. Using RSS feeds to engage and program your readers as well as interact with them on a regular basis, is a great way to stay way ahead of the curve of your competition.

Why does this work so well? Marketers have problems getting most e-mails delivered on a regular basis to prospective clients. Having to then create other methods to interact with their niche is at best hit or miss. Relying on traditional e-mail marketing can only be a difficult and losing proposition.

On the other hand, submitting regular content to your blog or website and then turning this content into RSS feeds does all the heavy lifting for you. Just imagine one blog post being repurposed into a single RSS feed that can then be read and shared by tens of thousands of RSS readers!

RSS feeds are wonderful because people can subscribe at any time. Whatever content you are sending via the internet; they have a choice of whether or not to engage with you. Because you can have literally tens of thousands of potential readers, simply publishing a daily RSS feed can keep the newsfeed engaged and turn them into clients.

As a marketer, you often have to work very hard to have a single sale. It is difficult to reach your niche in a way that is both comfortable and highly interactive. When you publish regular RSS feeds, your niche literally comes to you and if you follow up with your program on a daily basis it is significantly easier to convince these people to look at your products and services.

The real value of RSS feed comes in the ability to syndicate content and constantly publish multiple updates that people actually look forward to. If you publish content to the same people on a mailing list, and they receive more than one or two e-mails a day, you could actually upset a portion of your list. Ask any marketer if they were there to send out more than two e-mails a day to their marketing list and you will hear a resounding no. Now asked the same e-mail marketers if they can send out two or three newsfeeds a day, and they will say certainly!

If you haven’t tried RSS feeds in your business. I highly suggest you do so. You can find out more information at the link below.

RSS Syndication Mastery

Or, you can learn from a free ebook at  The Truth About RSS Feeds.


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